Marine catastrophe

A sad marine catastrophe, created by man, happened as we see thousands of fish dying on Kuwait beaches every day, revealing to us how bad Kuwait’s marine environment is, and stand witness to the negligence of concerned authorities of their real role and national duty. The strange thing in this marine catastrophe is the fact that governmental authorities are exchanging responsibility for these fish deaths. The Public Authority for Agricultural Affairs and Fish Resources (PAAAFR) says it has nothing to do with the problem. And when you ask the Environment Public Authority (EPA), it tells you to go ask the Ministry of Public Works (MPW) about its sewage dumping. Meanwhile, MPW says ask the Ministry of Electricity and Water about its power plants and water desalination stations.

So, most state officials are worried the most about avoiding responsibility, instead of facing the real catastrophe. Their main concern is to accuse other parties and not rescue the country’s wealth, and their activities were directed at keeping their jobs, not caring for Kuwait’s wealth. We know for sure that if each official carried out his duty correctly and made worth of the salary he receives from the state, we would not have reached this point and this tragic stage, starting with the fish death catastrophe, all the way to the mass government escape from facing this problem, except for the few honest ones.

The true expiration Kuwait is suffering from is not of fishes and other marine animals, but rather in the consciences and trust. The corruption Kuwait is suffering from is not in the sea, rather in establishments and ministries. If solving the fish death catastrophe is not done directly by holding those who failed to do their jobs at PAAAFR, EPA, MPW and other state departments, then this will result in the continuation of marine and land pollution over and over again.

The environment laws are not implemented and decisions are not applied. Meanwhile, grave violations are being dropped and covered up, officials are being appointed through ‘wasta’ (connections) and blackmail, and huge budgets are being spent without return. Also, employees who are not being held accountable, there is absence of the role of the government and parliament who are busy with settling political scores. Therefore, who is facing the country’s issues and who is caring for the interests of the country and the people? We ask concerned authorities in the state to deal with this catastrophe effectively in order to guarantee that it will not be repeated, and help protect Kuwait’s wealth and marine environment. – Translated by Kuwait Times from Al-Qabas

By Waleed Al-Ghanim

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