Maulana is the title of an Arabic movie which created much argument among critics and angered many scholars. But despite that, I will discuss the theme and dramatic plot without any sectarian extremism or following any personal mood. “Maulana” is originally a novel written by media man Ibrahim Essa, then when it was selected to be made into a movie, the writer participated with the film’s director Dr Majdji Ahmad in re-writing the dialogues and scenes sequence and other basics to become a cinematic scenario that has the name “Maulana”, which was released in January 2017.

It is a reflection of a religious personality that carries much psychological and religious struggles within it. The character who’s name is Maulana does not only emulate religious personality, but also analyses the human intellect and what it carries in the form of internal struggles and intellectual turmoil, be it religious, sectarian or political, and who is the victorious at the end; the authority. That is the main aspect around which the film events revolve, and despite the presence of a basic plot, there was a secondary important aspect which happened since the start of the movie until the end, which is the media and its importance in this era.

The film’s issue was not built on the main personality ‘Maulana’ in itself, and did not directly focus on a certain group or sect, but it presented many religious, sectarian and class groups. It also portrayed the media as the secondary aspect that pushes the struggle between the movie’s events and characters to show us how extreme a terrorist can be and the extent of the media’s role in that. The media brought ‘Maulana’ to light by accident and made him a beacon of knowledge and fiqht (knowledge of Islamic jurisprudence) though he lacks much of the religious and life’s knowledge. And despite that, the media and state instilled him in the society to speak what the state wants and not with what he has. That is the difference between the media and advertisement.

Maulana has total obedience towards the orders he receives for material gains at the beginning, but when finds out that what he is doing may become a main tool in the collapse of his society, he rejects the media, and demands on the suspension of the politicized media. We have reached the end of the story, but it is still being lived in our societies because there are still many of those like ‘Maulana,’ who are still promoting in our society while ignoring the society’s interest. Rather, they seek destruction, terrorism and extremism in order to be on the media and for material gains, but the human entity is not in the promotional dictionary of ‘Maulana.’ – Translated by Kuwait Times from Al-Anbaa

By Dr Nermin Al-Houti

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