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Mental health integral part of public welfare: Ministry

KUWAIT: Mental health is an integral part of public welfare, Kuwait’s Ministry of Health affirmed, stressing that taking care of people’s mental wellness is “not impossible or difficult”. “Enjoying ideal mental health guarantees psychological, emotional and social welfare” since it controls a person’s interaction with others and ability to make good decisions, said Dr Waleed Al-Busairi, Mubarak Al-Kabeer Health Zone Director, during the inauguration of the fourth Kuwait Mental Health Conference. There are 38 mental health clinics that opened at primary health care clinics around Kuwait following the COVID-19 pandemic, chairperson of the conference Dr Nadia Al-Ayadhi said.

“The conference follows up with local and regional matters through specialists in the field, which will provide opportunities to gain from their experience,” Dr Busairi added. Meanwhile, head of Kuwait Center For Mental Health Kholood Al-Ali said, “the conference will include lectures covering mental health affecting people of all ages, and a two-day workshop which will showcase the development and expansion of Kuwait Center For Mental Health’s services.”

“The conference aims to train specialists and provide them with the latest skills and experience to improve their qualifications in this field, as it aims to raise awareness about mental health to improve quality of living,” she added. “Prevention starts by knowing the alarming symptoms early as mental health is just as important as physical health,” she added. She ensured that mental health is an integral part of health in general as healthy societies need total mental healthcare coverage.

“The conference aims to raise awareness on the aspects of mental health in order to diagnose individual and social indicators of mental health and aim to limit them,” Dr Ayadhi added. “Improving mental health is most important in teenagers and children which can be achieved through policies and laws that strengthen mental health and maintain it through care during upbringing,” she added.

In the meantime, head of psychiatric department at Kuwait Center For Mental Health Dr Ammar Al-Sayegh pointed out the importance of taking care of mental health and to steer clear of distributing misinformation. “The health sector is trying to expand its services in medical centers and hospitals as depression and anxiety are among the most spreading illnesses in Kuwait while they come at a 15-20 percent rate globally,” he added.

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