Messy breakup; Drug dealer caught

KUWAIT: Salwa police station investigator summoned an Arab man over allegations by a Kuwaiti woman who said that he planned to marry her, but later changed his mind. The man said he asked the woman to stay away from him but she was refusing to do so, adding that he knows that she frequents sorcerers to make him marry her. He said the building’s haris (janitor) told him there was a bouquet of flowers on his car, then when he looked closely, he found witchcraft items and burned material. When asked how he knew it was the woman who placed it on the car, he said he was sure about it.

Couple hurt
A Kuwaiti couple suffered smoke inhalation in their Sabhaiya apartment after faulty wiring caused a fire. Firemen and paramedics responded to a call and found the couple inside the burning apartment, who were rescued and rushed to Adan Hospital. The fire, which completely destroyed the apartment, was put out.

Drug dealer caught
Jahra detectives arrested a man with possession of three bags containing shabu and more than 400 psychoactive pills. The suspect targeted adolescents and students, and was known to them as ‘The King’. Detectives received tips about an Egyptian man who provided drugs to teenagers in exchange of money or valuables, to a point where the addicts began stealing items. The suspect reportedly had drug pills at the time of his arrest. He later confessed that he has been selling drugs for a long time, particularly shabu and pills. Police were surprised when they arrived at his luxurious apartment, where they found the drugs and large amounts of money. He said the drugs trade took him out of poverty and he was spending money lavishly. He was sent to the DCGD.

Driving under the influence
A woman driving while being under the influence of drugs collided with a wall, while a man who was with her fled. The woman had joints laced with the drug ‘chemical’ – the street name for a drug made from ‘Spice’ (methamphetamine) mixed with added chemicals. She was placed under arrest and sent to the Drugs Control General Department (DCGD). – Translated by Kuwait Times from the Arabic press

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