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Military draft dodgers will be penalized

Chairman of the National Military Service Authority Major General Ibrahim Al-Amiri during the press conference

KUWAIT: Chairman of the National Military Service Authority Maj Gen Ibrahim Al-Amiri said yesterday eligible conscripts in the military will receive notifications to start their service. Those who fail to present for conscription or seek to delay their service as scheduled will face penalties of up to five years behind bars, he warned. Amiri said in a news conference that the military was preparing the call-up notifications. “The number of eligible citizens has reached 2,541, with 800 dodgers,” he said, noting that lawsuits were filed against many of them at the Investigation General Directorate.

The authority has started preparing for the first batch on Jan 6, 2018, where conscripts will be subject to medical examination and other check-ups to determine their preparedness and fitness for the service. Legal advisor at the authority Ret Col Falah Al-Enezi said most cases of absconding from military service are classified as misdemeanors, while they become felonies when failing to show up for service in emergencies and wars. Such a crime is punishable by five years in prison or fines reaching KD 10,000 ($33,000).

However, the law exempts some cases for health, social, educational or humanitarian reasons.

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