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Ministry launches system to book clinic appointments

By A Saleh

KUWAIT: Ministry of Health (MoH) Information Technology Director Ahmad Al-Ghareeb announced launching the online appointment booking system to visit polyclinics in collaboration with the Public Authority for Civil Information (PACI) and MoH’s central department for primary healthcare. “The online booking system is available for all areas at all times at MOH’s official website

www.moh.gov.kw or through the following link https://eservices.moh.gov.kw/SPCMS/AppointmentsRequestarTest.aspx. Patients can book an appointment using their civil ID number and the ID’s serial number,” Ghareeb explained, adding that patients can visit clinics during the morning or afternoon periods and that the system allows six bookings per hour for general practitioners and four per hour for other specialties, “That is 180 bookings a day for general medicine and 48 daily for others,” he underlined.

Schools handover

During a meeting held at his office, Ministry of Education’s (MOE) assistant undersecretary for educational facilities and planning affairs Yaseen Al-Yaseen said a report would be submitted Sunday on the condition of schools that had been used by government bodies as shelters to assess any damage and report back to the minister by July 15 pending a maintenance process of intermediate and secondary schools before Aug 4.

Also speaking during the meeting, MoE assistant undersecretary for educational development and activities affairs Faisal Maqseed said all government bodies and co-ops that had used school buildings were urged to hand them over to MoE by July 15, adding that 366 schools had already been handed over to MoE.

Maqseed also stressed the need to coordinate between various areas’ engineering affairs managers and boy scouts’ supervisors, reminding that the Interior Ministry had already handed over 36 out of the total of 48 schools it had been using. Further, Maqseed stressed the need to clean and sanitize schools under the supervision of the boy scouts voluntary team and civil defense volunteers and report back to the MoE undersecretaries council on Tuesday, noting that MoE had only allowed those bodies to use primary and intermediate school buildings.

MoE boy scouts’ education supervisor general Ibrahim Al-Eid said around 33 school buildings had been sterilized in collaboration with volunteers and the civil defense, and that some bodies had already handed over the buildings fully cleaned and sanitized.

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