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Ministry provides food aid for expats in need

By Meshaal Al-Enezi

KUWAIT: Ministry of Social Affairs’ assistant undersecretary for development affairs Hana Al-Hajeri announced a new online link through which the ministry can provide food aid to expatriates holding article 18 visas (private sector employees). Hajeri explained that workers can access the website link mosa.paci.gov.kw and request help to get food packages provided by various charities as part of the ‘Faz’at Al-Kuwait’ campaign.

The website will provide applicants with special barcodes, allowing a maximum of six people to check in with the charity at a time. Hajeri added this is the second website link following one allocated for needy families at centralaid.mosal.gov.kw.

Fish market
Meanwhile, Kuwait Food Association called for reopening the Sharq fish market to the public using the appointment booking service and special barcodes similar to those used in co-ops. The association explained that there is an abundance of fish, which can also increase according to demand. The association’s statement also noted that the Sharq fish market is spacious, air-conditioned and can serve a number of customers at a time by using the barcode booking system, with organized entry and exit.

The association expressed hope that the authorities will approve this demand, adding vendors will only sell in retail and stop auctions that usually cause large crowds in order to maintain social distancing to help fight COVID-19, during non-curfew hours.

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