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Ministry reviews traffic situation amid rainy days

KUWAIT: Undersecretary of the Ministry of Interior Lieutenant General Anwar Al-Barjis has stressed on the need to continue working (in a team spirit) so as to assist road users and ensure the safety and security of all. In a press release issued by the General Directorate of Security Relations and Media at the Ministry of Interior after a visit to the Crisis and Disaster Operations Center to check the readiness of security personnel, he stressed the need to facilitate traffic and provide humanitarian assistance round the clock.

Al-Barjis thanked all employees of the security institution and the concerned government agencies for their efforts. He explained that during the visit, the undersecretary of the Ministry of Interior reviewed the traffic situation on all the main roads, during which he listened to a detailed explanation of the field procedures followed by the patrols teams. Meanwhile, the Ministry of Public Works has confirmed the readiness of emergency teams in all governorates to follow up on the situation and intervene quickly.

This came in a press release of the ministry following an expanded meeting held by the Minister of Public Works Dr Amani Bogammaz in the operations to follow up on the rainy situation in the country. The ministry pointed out that the country witnessed moderate rains in most regions of the country, and cases of limited water accumulation were detected on the roads which are being dealt with by emergency teams, noting that the some roads were closed roads as precautionary measures. 69 rain-related complaints were received.

The statement stressed the keenness of the Minister of works to follow up the situation moment by moment through the operating room, as well as conduct field tours to a number of areas, including Adiliya, Khalidiya, and West Abdullah Mubarak. On a related level, the official spokesman of the Ministry of Works, Assistant Undersecretary for Planning and Development, Engineer Ahmed Al-Saleh, confirmed that 100 pumps have been distributed to some critical sites. Besides, most of the tunnels are under control, and there are no closures. Al-Saleh said that there were three roads that were closed due to the intensity of the rains in the northern region.

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