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Ministry successful in meeting energy demand despite extreme weather

KUWAIT: Only two out of 48,000 transformers in Kuwait exploded due to overload this summer, which is a testimony of the successful maintenance operations conducted by the Ministry of Electricity and Water (MEW) throughout the year, said engineer Iqbal Al-Tayyar, the Director of Technical Supervision Department, Head of the Rationalization at the Government and Private Sector.


Meanwhile, Tayyar revealed that the ministry plans to support the United Arab Emirates with 200 megawatts per day for two months, which is considered another testimony for the ministry’s success to cope with the increase in demand during the hot months of summer, especially when considering the 150 megawatts that the ministry also provides to Bahrain through the joint GCC grid.


Housing project


State Minister for Housing Affairs Yasser Abul said 14 citizens applied to the Public Authority for Housing Welfare (PAHW), asking to forfeit land pieces allocated for them in exchange of allowing them to receive allocations in the south Khaitan project. However, their applications were not approved, the minister said. PAHW began receiving allocation applications for south Khaitan since June 11 and will continue receiving them until October 31, he said, adding that the project provides 1,448 plots, each of which has an area of 400 square meters.


School fees


Education Ministry Assistant Undersecretary for Private and Quality Education Dr Abdelmohsen Al-Huwailah said the department is forming a special committee to set the standards and rules for private schools’ fees. Meanwhile, Dr Huwailah said the private education department must communicate with the supplies and stores department to make sure about receiving books before the start of schools.


By A Saleh, Staff Writer

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