Ministry takes action against ATV drivers on public roads

Lt Gen Suleiman Al-Fahd
Lt Gen Suleiman Al-Fahd

KUWAIT: Interior Ministry Undersecretary Lt Gen Suleiman Al-Fahd said the Interior Ministry is working hard on resolving the traffic problem according to the most modern scientific and practical methods. He pointed to the danger of driving all-terrain-vehicles (ATVs) and similar vehicles on streets and the accidents they cause, despite efforts and campaigns to limit such accidents. He said riding of ATVs by children and youths in residential areas causes many accidents and some of them lead to death. Fahd said strict application of the traffic law is in the public interest and maintains the safety of the country’s youth, adding that the responsibility is of all without exception. He said parents are not free from this responsibility, adding that any adult who rides an ATV will be detained, while a juvenile will be sent to the care home and his parents will be legally responsible.

Pagan rituals
The Interior Ministry’s Relations and Security Information Department said measures have been taken against an employee of the emergency hotline 112, as she did not deal seriously with a call from a woman about a person allegedly carrying out Pagan rituals in public, which is illegal in Kuwait. The department said the ministry does not tolerate any laxity in dealing with such calls or any call that is made to the 112 center.

Sirens test
The Civil Defense Department will test sirens tomorrow (Nov 8) at 10 am to make sure they are in working order, a Ministry of Interior statement said. The department said that there will be three tunes of varying pitches. The first is intermittent, which means an emergency is near happening; the second is a wavy tune, which means the danger is underway; while the third tune is continuous, which means the danger is over. The civil defense department will receive calls and questions from all those who hear the sirens on 1804000.

By Hanan Al-Saadoun

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