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‘I miss Ramadan in Egypt, where the streets are full of color and light’ – Young Voices

Young Voices
Young Voices

Nearly a quarter of Kuwait’s entire population is under the age of 14 and yet with the exception of school assemblies, we never hear their voices. During Ramadan, Kuwait Times likes to publish a special series that engages with its readership in a more direct, personal way to learn their concerns, issues and viewpoints.

This Ramadan, we will chat with some of our youngest readers about their lives in Kuwait, in an attempt to see the world through their eyes. What do they see for the future of our beautiful country? What would they improve and how would they change it? By listening to their future plans, stories, and experience in Ramadan, we can remind ourselves and hopefully our readers of the ties that bind us all together as a species. These are the voice of Kuwait’s future and we invite them to share their thoughts with us here.

Mansour Ali is a 9-year-old Egyptian boy who is incredibly smart. He is a third grade student studying for the Embassy of Egypt’s exams; the education program that provides course materials that align with the Egyptian curriculum. He wants to be a doctor to treat his family whenever they get sick. “My mother told me that I have to try not to eat anything this Ramadan until the sun sets,” Ali said. He told Kuwait Times about his last Ramadan’s experience and how he succeeded to fast till noon.

Ali will fast this Ramadan because of the blessings and rewards that a fasting person receives, and because Prophet Mohammad (Peace Be Upon Him) used to fast. He said that his mother will prepare pizza – his favorite food – to break his fast, and will buy him a new bicycle at the end of the month.

Ali loves the cannon fire that announces the breaking of the fast, but he misses Ramadan in Egypt, where the streets are full of color and light, and where he can play football with his cousins before iftar.

If you would like your child to be interviewed for this special series, please email us at [email protected]

By Faten Omar

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