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Moalimun Mutatawioun provides free lessons, revisions, workshops

By Nawara Fattahova

KUWAIT: Most parents are complaining of paying great amounts for private lessons at home for their children to pass exams. The students complain that they don’t receive enough information in school, so they need additional classes at home. In 2017, a Kuwaiti teacher Bader bin Ghaith, came up with an idea along with other teachers to form an initiative called ‘Moalimun Mutatawioun’ (Volunteering Teachers). The founders were inspired by a grandmother who was facing problems teaching her grandson, especially since she did not have enough resources for private tuitions, so she approached bin Ghaith.

Moalimun Mutatawioun includes teachers, lawyers, and photographers. They provide free revisions of all subjects in the Kuwaiti public-school curriculum for all grades, from elementary till high school. They also provide free workshops for parents. Furthermore, they hold workshops for teachers in various fields, including children’s right and teachers’ duties. Kuwait Times interviewed two volunteer teachers, Hanadi Karam and Altaf Al-Hanou, to learn more. Some excerpts:

Kuwait Times: Are you still accepting volunteers in your team?

Moalimun Mutatawioun welcomes any volunteer teacher from the ministry of education from all fields and all grades of school. Whoever is able to improve education with their ideas, workshops or lectures is welcome to join our team to serve the largest possible number of students. The volunteer teacher should be from the ministry of education and should be currently working in their field so that they are updated on any changes in the curriculum.

KT: How many teachers are volunteering in this initiative?

We currently have around 80 volunteer teachers from both genders, in addition to the administrative team.

KT: How many students have benefited from Moalimun Mutatawioun till today?

Since 2017 till date, around 20,000 students from both genders have benefited from our services. Only in this academic year, we have served around 4,500 students.

KT: Do you provide services for students who are giving the second round of revision exams?

Yes, we provide revisions for the second-round revision exams. The plan of our initiative is to revise both the first and the second round of exams and provide workshops for teachers that will boost their careers, which includes using different technologies, teaching techniques and educational games. In addition, we provide psychological and legal workshops in all fields related to education and learning.

KT: How can students register in your system?

They can register daily at 4:00 pm at our headquarters with their civil ID on the same day of the revision class according to the schedule published on our official accounts on social media including Instagram, Twitter and Telegram.

KT: If you reach the maximum number of students for the session, how will choose between them? Which students have priority?

There is no preference. Early registration is the privilege. There is exception for disabled students, who can register even after we reach the maximum number of students.

KT: Can the same student benefit from your services more than once in different grades?

Yes, a student can register every year. For instance, if they are revising lessons in the ninth grade and pass to the 10th grade, they can also get lessons in this and the next grades. Students can even register for different subjects during the same semester. We conduct classes from 5:00 to 7:00 pm and from 7:00 to 9:00 pm, and they can join both sessions.

KT: Is all the revision done in class, or do you also provide online classes?

We hold online classes daily as well during the same period, with a different schedule and in different timings. Students don’t need to register for online classes. They just have to enter through the link on our Telegram account and join immediately.

Moalimun Mutatawioun is currently holding classes at the Kuwait National Library. In the past they were operating at Dar Al Othman and Promenade Mall. Their Instagram account is @Kuwaiti_teachers


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