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Mock drills demonstrate combat skills of Kuwait’s security forces

By Khaled Al-Abdulhadi

KUWAIT: In the presence and sponsorship of Interior Minister Sheikh Talal Al-Khaled Al-Sabah, the interior ministry, represented by the special security department, correctional institutions department and the department of execution of sentences, held a mock drill titled “Decisive Deterrence 6” on Wednesday at the special forces headquarters in Sulaibiya.

Interior Minister Sheikh Talal Al-Khaled Al-Sabah during the exercises.

“Servicemen in the special forces are an important example of sacrifice. We aim to deter any attempts that may destabilize national security. The special training has intensive technical challenges that increase coordination and cohesiveness,” the special forces said during the opening of the drills. The “Decisive Deterrence 6” training program lasted from Jan 15 till Feb 1 to train and teach servicemen on tasks allocated to them and take right decisions during intense situations.

The training allows servicemen to gain or enhance skills related to quick response, leadership, coordination between team, and upgrading deterrent services. A video presentation was also displayed that included an overview of the training, including paratrooping techniques and other violent situations faced by special forces.

During the training, a mock terrorist organization was formed to replicate chaotic events and assaults on important institutions, as servicemen used strategic positioning and movement to stop the terrorist attack. The first phase lasted for 14 workdays split into two weeks. The first week was designated for strategic workshops and the second week included realistic applications throughout all institutions of the interior ministry.

The training also included situations related to conflict in the women’s prison, airplane hijacking, embassy terror assault, terrorist activity in residential areas, chaos while transferring prisoners as well as deterring violent protests.

The training also included stopping the entry of illegal substances in the Central Jail, protecting oil reserves at Ahmadi port, protecting a VIP guest during movement from one place to another and stopping attempts to bring explosives inside the special forces camp. Also in attendance at the Decisive Deterrence 6 exercise was the Undersecretary of the Interior Ministry Anwar Al-Barjas as well as other senior officials of the ministry.

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