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MoH brings in new doctors and nurses

KUWAIT: The Health Ministry is bringing in new batches of doctors, nurses and medics after a new batch of Pakistani doctors arrived in Kuwait recently to work in new hospitals and medical centers. “The Ministry of Health requested to bring in doctors from Iran and addressed security authorities to allow them to do so, as it is exempted from strict regulations when bringing in workers from certain countries for security reasons, including Iran,” sources revealed to Kuwait Times.

“The Ministry of Health believes Iranian doctors are distinguished and can benefit Kuwaiti hospitals and health centers. It also believes in the importance of diversifying recruitment of medical workers. If an agreement is reached to bring in doctors from Iran, then the first batch will not be less than 200 medical personnel, which may be followed by more batches,” sources added.

“Approving the recruitment of doctors from Iran, if it takes place, will open the door to bringing in workers from other specialties and fields, especially since Iranian workers in Kuwait have reduced a lot throughout the previous years, as their number in the country has become less than 50,000 people,” sources clarified.

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