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MoH confirms fee hike for expats

New mandatory health insurance system in works

KUWAIT: Dr Mahmoud Al-Abdulhadi, assistant undersecretary for legal affairs at the health ministry, holds a press conference. — KUNA

KUWAIT: A special panel has been formed to review the fees of health services provided to expats in the country’s state hospitals, the health ministry announced Wednesday. The panel will study increasing the prices of some types of drugs prescribed to expats, Dr Mahmoud Al-Abdulhadi, assistant undersecretary for legal affairs at the health ministry, said at a press conference. The ministry will announce the updated prices in February after publishing them in the official gazette, Abdulhadi noted, affirming that the new prices are meant to cope with the rising cost of the ministry’s services such as sonar scans, laboratories, nuclear medicine, etc.

The new prices will also be 60 percent lesser than the health services provided in any private hospital, clinic or center, he said, affirming the ministry’s keenness to provide high-quality health services to expats at affordable prices. He noted that the costly services such as bone scan, which costs the ministry KD 90, could be provided to expat patients for KD 40, cancer screening, which costs KD 480, could be provided for KD 250, and adrenal gland examination, which costs KD 270, could be provided for KD 70. Moreover, the fees of 3D and 4D pregnancy ultrasound scans are projected to increase to from KD 10 to KD 25, he said.

On the new health insurance system for the expats, the health official said the project is currently in its final stage at the Audit Bureau, adding that the ministry has made preparations for the new system. As soon as the ministry receives the Audit Bureau’s approval, the health ministry will sign an agreement with the Health Assurance Hospitals Company (Daman) to start the construction of three hospitals and 15 health centers across the country to provide health services for expats, he noted. Abdulhadi also affirmed that the new insurance system will be mandatory for all expats, except for workers at state bodies, servants and maids. – KUNA

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