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MoH imposes new fees for sick leaves, certificates, licenses

KUWAIT: The health ministry has implemented a new fee scheme that includes a KD 2 fee for authentication of sick leaves issued by the private sector. The new fees are for services offered by the medical council to expats, including KD 20 for medical examination for those applying to work in the public and private sectors; KD 5 for medical examination for those seeking disability aid and age estimation; KD 10 for “medically unfit”, “to whom it may concern” and proportion of disability due to injury certificates; and KD 5 to approve sick leaves issued by non-government doctors inside or outside Kuwait.

The health ministry also imposed fees for approving advertisements – KD 50 for three months for licensing ads for health-related products and KD 100 for licensing ads about companies or health facilities. The ministry also imposed fees for analysis at drug registration laboratories for medicines, health products, food supplements and medical supplies. Analysis of a registered product will cost KD 15 and KD 50 for non-registered products. The fee for reanalysis for the first time is KD 30 and KD 60 when the request is repeated.

The ministry approved a KD 30 fee for issuing import and export licenses for narcotic and psychoactive drugs and KD 100 for issuing licenses to trade in narcotic or psychoactive drugs, in addition to KD 10 for the narcotic and psychoactive prescription book for every 50 prescriptions and KD 5 for every 400 pages of the psychoactive drug register.

The ministry approved fees to issue certificates and their translation – a “good conduct” certificate will cost KD 10 per certificate, in addition to KD 10 for a “to whom it may concern” certificate and KD 10 for translating the license into English. The fees included charges for medical operations – permission to conduct a one-day surgery will be KD 200 per year, and its renewal will be for four years. Fees of KD 200 will be collected for issuing in-vitro fertilization permission and for freezing embryos.

The fees for registering medicines and pharmaceutical companies at the medical and plant medicines registration department are KD 500 for registering a company that has marketing rights and registering a new medicine – be it for humans or animals – and vaccines, besides KD 25 for registering a health product and medical device.

A KD 100 will be collected for registering a food supplement and issuing a certificate for free trade of medical and cosmetic products, KD 10 to register a cosmetic product and KD 150 for sound manufacturing practices for local manufacturing companies. KD 50 will be collected for duplicates or additional copies of a product, company or manufacturing site. – Al-Anbaa

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