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MoH opens 11 clinics to treat nicotine addiction

KUWAIT: The events for the treatment of ‘nicotine’ addiction in Kuwait began on Sunday with the functioning of 11 centers for treatment of people suffering from nicotine addiction. The events are organized by the National Anti-Smoking Program at the Ministry of Health in cooperation with the King Hussein Cancer Center in Jordan.

Program appointee, Dr Amal Al-Yahya said: “30 female doctors will be trained on the basics of nicotine addiction treatment in order to qualify more doctors to run nicotine cessation clinics. Currently there are 11 clinics and the national strategic plan aims to open 10 more clinics yearly to cover all areas of Kuwait.”

It is worth noting that the King Hussein Center is accredited by Johns Hopkins University for training in the treatment of nicotine addiction and this cooperation was preceded by the holding of two joint training courses. Director of the health promotion department Dr Abeer Al-Bahwa said that the administration is keen on spreading health awareness in all areas.

In a statement on the sidelines of the event organized by the administration at Adan Specialist Center in Mubarak Al-Kabeer, under the sponsorship of Director of Mubarak Al-Kabeer Region, Dr Walid Al-Busairi, Al-Bahwa said: “The awareness day included an enlightening program for patients about the factors that cause chronic diseases as well as measuring blood pressure and sugar levels. The administration is continuing its national campaign to raise awareness of chronic diseases and about the risk factors that cause them.”

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