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Montaha Al-Ajeel superior in her new collection

Features of modern fashion dominated Montaha Al-Ajeel’s Ramadan jellabiya collection with aesthetic and artistic cuts executed with special designs, superb craftsmanship and luxurious fabrics that bestow a special glamor on the wearer, making her appear more slender through the choice of lively and classy colors. Montaha’s creations combine traditional and modern designs, with her collection reflecting the style of the designer which is characterized by its independence and unique identity in the art of designing.

The collection embodies her imagination, which blends modernity with originality in one whole. Montaha Al-Ajeel’s designs are distinctive through professional geometrical cuts that make the front of the waist more prominent in order to create a leaner form and cover the flaws of the full pelvis area. Montaha’s designs are also simple.

The Kuwaiti derra’a is almost always made of fabrics patterned with wonderful Arabic calligraphy. She brilliantly developed the Kuwaiti derra’a so that it can be worn as a reception dress in the holy month of Ramadan. Of her use of Arabic calligraphy, she says it is an art because it is one of the most beautiful forms of calligraphy in the world, and that’s why she is keen on using it in the Kuwaiti derra’a. She adds that fabrics inspire her designs, which made her choose a variety of fabrics such as dentelle, silk, fabric embroidered with cashmere threads, crochet, poplin with black dentelle, geometric lines adorned with Swarovsky crystals and gold thread fabric which the woman wears in Ramadan as an expression of joy for the holy month, as well as the mixing of fabrics and colors to satisfy different tastes.

Last year, Ajeel was honored with the international GR8 award in Dubai, which is the highest business award in the Middle East, as well as being chosen for the Middle East Award for business leaders and an honorary award. She was also chosen for the world award for business leaders 2016. Lately, she launched a charitable initiative in Kuwait, and is involved in several philanthropic deeds and activities

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