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Moscow boasts of amber museum

The amber museum is located on Arbat street, the historic street that lures many tourists. The museum curator, Maria Josephine, said in an interview with KUNA that the museum building hosts diverse amber pieces, some weighing more than one kilogram and there is a single one that weighs 3,060 kg, found in 2017.The largest amber gem weighs 4,280 kg and is kept at the amber complex in Kalingrad, she added.

The State treasury compels the complex in Kalingrad to hand over any amber piece that weighs above a kilogram, Josephine said. She also put the who output of amber in Russia at 500 tons per year. Most of the mining for amber is in Kalingrad in the Baltic Sea region.

There are more than 1,100 personnel and workers specialized in extracting amber in Kalingrad, the region that boasts 90 percent of the world wealth of the gem. Russia exports amber in the raw form to China, Kirgizia, Armenia, Arab countries and Serbia. Amber is used for decoration, making medicines, construction materials and paints. — KUNA

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