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Moving with the times

Photos by Shakir Reshamwala

The Sheikh Abdullah Al-Salem Cultural Centre (ASCC) is the largest museum complex in the world. It comprises of six museums related to natural history, science and technology, Arab and Islamic science and space. The center is home to some 22 world-class galleries, with over 3,000 exhibits.

This week we head to the Transportation and Robots museum, which showcases the evolution of transport through the centuries, from hot-air balloons to supersonic jets, horse-drawn carriages to cars and small boats to oil tankers. Visitors can also learn about Kuwait’s maritime heritage and its long history of boatbuilding.

Children can interact with a giant robot and a variety of robotic and scientific displays. They can experiment with exhibits on various forms of energy, viscosity of liquids and the periodic table. What better way to learn about science than getting hands on with it!


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