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MP Awadhi condemns Paris attack: terrorism is blind

MP Kamel Al-Awadhi
MP Kamel Al-Awadhi

KUWAIT: Chairman of the parliament’s foreign affairs committee MP Kamel Al-Awadhi condemned the terrorist attacks that claimed the lives of 150 and injured around 200 others in France. Awadhi stressed that terrorism is blind and that it strikes many places worldwide regardless of religion, doctrine or state. He also stressed that nobody could claim that terrorism originates from certain countries, adding that Arab countries were the most countries that suffered from its impact. “Those attacks probably present an opportunity for the world to stand united  and face this black malicious terrorism,” he underlined.

Kuwait, UK meeting
Kuwait and the United Kingdom are currently preparing various security and economic issues to be discussed during both countries’ joint committee meeting, due to be held by the end of November. Informed sources said that Kuwait’s delegation to the meeting would be headed by Deputy Foreign Minister Khalid Al-Jarallah, adding that security concerns would take a major part of discussions, including providing Kuwait with developed British security equipment as well as training Kuwaiti security staff members. Further, the sources denied that a British request to hand over bedoons (stateless residents) who had resorted to the United Kingdom back to Kuwait would be discussed on the meeting. The sources also stressed that Kuwait said it would only receive bedoons registered with the Central Agency for Illegal Residents.

E-media bill
The parliamentary educational affairs committee is scheduled to discuss a bill on authors and patent rights in addition to the e-media bill on its meeting today, said informed sources, noting that Minister of Information and Minister of State for Youth Affairs Sheikh Salman Al-Humoud Al-Sabah is scheduled to attend the meeting.

Abdali polyclinic
Health minister Dr Ali Al-Obaidi said that a special budget had been allocated to pull down and rebuild the Abdali polyclinic, adding that consultations had already started to select an engineering consultant office to design and execute the project.

By A Saleh

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