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MP Dashti praises Interior Minister for receiving returnees from Karbala; Four burn to death in accident

MP Abdulhameed Dashti
MP Abdulhameed Dashti

KUWAIT: MP Abdulhameed Dashti strongly hailed the visit made by Deputy Prime Minister and Interior Minister Sheikh Mohammed Al-Khaled Al-Sabah and top ministry officials to the Abdali border exit north of the country yesterday morning. “Despite it being a weekend and despite the extreme low temperatures in the north, the minister went on a sudden visit to check the procedures followed on receiving visitors returning from Iraq,” he underlined. The minister personally oversaw the return of those who came back from Iraq after observing the Arba’een in the city of Karbala.

Public funds’ violators
MP Madhi Al-Hajri urged Communications Minister Essa Al-Kandari to pursue all public funds’ violators and those who cost the Kuwait Ports Authority considerable losses and hold them legally and administratively accountable for such violations. Hajri also expressed amazement at what he described as the Cabinet’s and the communication ministry’s silence towards a logistic services company operating at one of the local ports and accused it of taking control of state property with the help of previous officials at the Ports Authority. “This company has unlawfully taken control of 250,000 square meters at Mina Abdullah and 270,000 square meters at Doha port without paying the due rent value,” he explained.

Fatal crash
Two male citizens and two Asian women burnt to death when their vehicle caught fire in a collision with a truck along King Fahd Highway yesterday morning, said security sources.

Well-informed sources said that the government intends to keep Kuwait Petroleum Corporation (KPC) CEO Nizar Al-Adsani in office after dissolving the current board of directors. The sources added that the Supreme Petroleum Council also agrees to the measure as well as to keep some current officials in office due to their knowledge of many details about major oil projects and to avoid appointing new people who would need time to know such details.

Cairo Road
Within its plans to develop road grids around the country, the Ministry of Public Works announced reoffering the Cairo Road tender for bidding after only one company applied for the tender.

Mosque’s repair
The State Audit Bureau approved a tender to repair the Imam Al-Sadeq Mosque that was damaged in a terrorist explosion in June, said informed sources, noting that repairs would be completed by next June.

KAC sells old planes
The Kuwait Airways Company (KAC) recently announced its intention to sell some of its old planes and spare parts, after it received a number of new planes. KAC announced selling five A300-600R planes, three Airbus A310-300s, a fourth degree A300-A310 simulator, three type c2-CF680 General Electric engines and spare parts.

By A Saleh

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