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MP demands revoking Hezb cell members’ citizenship – Third terror cell busted since June 26 attacks

1KUWAIT: MP Majid Mussa urged local authorities to withdraw the Kuwaiti citizenship from members of a terrorist cell who were arrested with possession of a large amount of weapons and ammunition last Thursday night. Measures are required to immediately withdraw the Kuwaiti nationality of the suspects who pledged allegiance to a terrorist organization that is responsible for the attempted assassination of the late Amir Sheikh Jaber Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah, the Jabriya aircraft’s hijacking, and bombing of popular coffee shops in the 1980s, MP Mussa said. Separately, MP Dr Abdulhameed Dashti lauded authorities’ efforts in maintaining Kuwait’s security, called for ‘thorough and fair investigation’ to guarantee justice and authenticity and demanded law enforcement to prevent enticing sectarianism in society.

Meanwhile, Sheikh Azzam Mubarak Al-Sabah, the Dean of the Diplomatic Corps and the State of Kuwait’s Ambassador to the Kingdom of Bahrain, has lauded effective clampdown on terrorism at home and in the Kingdom. “Terrorism exempts nobody,” he said, indicating that terrorist groups have been engaged in random and unprovoked killing of the innocent in various countries and regions of the world.

The State of Kuwait and the Kingdom of Bahrain “have amazed the world in their confrontation of terrorism,” he said, clearly alluding to the recurring crackdown in Kuwait and Bahrain on terrorist cells, the latest of which were announced earlier in the week.

Unity of the peoples “around our leaderships is the best deterrence against terrorism and fanaticism and those with ill intentions toward our countries,” he added, praising peoples of the GCC states for facing any bid aimed at undermining the homelands’ security.

Criminal motives
In the meantime, Secretary General of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) Dr Abdullatif Al-Zayani lauded the recent efforts exerted by security authorities in Kuwait in arresting a terrorist cell and seizing a huge arsenal of weapons, ammunitions, rockets and explosives that were to be used to destabilize security of the country. The volume of cache revealed the “heinous” criminal motives of the terrorists, Zayani said in a press statement, noting that “efficiency and vigilance” of Kuwaiti security agencies foiled the cell’s schemes.

He reiterated GCC states’ support to Kuwait in all measures it takes to guarantee its security, preserve safety of its people and residents and combat terrorist groups. GCC countries will remain unified against terrorists and their financing sources, and they will not harm Gulf security and stability, Zayani said, praying to Allah Almighty to protect Kuwait from harm and evil.

Also, Deputy National Assembly Speaker Mubarak Al-Khurainej lauded the Ministry of Interior’s efforts in arresting a terrorist cell that possessed a huge arsenal of weapons, explosives and ammunitions.

In a press statement on Friday, Khurainej urged to prosecute these terrorists as soon as possible and to find out who was behind this pre-planned operation that aimed at jeopardizing the security of the country. He called on all Kuwaiti societal sectors to be united to face this imminent danger that lives within the fabric of the society.

On Thursday, three members of a terror cell were arrested and a huge arsenal of weapons, ammunition and explosives were seized by security forces. Security forces found 56 RPG shells and an amount of ammunition on a farm in Al-Abdeli, owned by a first terrorist identified as H A, a Kuwaiti born in 1968. Three firearms and another amount of ammunition were found at the house of a second suspect, A H, born in 1981. Three bags of weapons, ammunition and various explosive materials were seized from the house of a third, born in 1980.

According to the Ministry of Interior, the three confessed that they had joined a terrorist organization and led the security forces to where the weapons and the explosives were hidden. On the farm and in the three houses, the forces seized 19 kg of ammunition, 144 kg of TNT, PE4 and other explosive materials, three RPGs, 204 grenades and electric detonators. The three terrorists have been referred to the concerned authorities for more interrogation.

Third cell
This is the third terror cell arrested by the security agencies since the deadly attack on Imam Al-Sadiq Mosque on June 26, which left 26 people dead and 227 others wounded.

On July 30, The Ministry of Interior announced uncovering a terrorist cell of five Kuwaitis, in the second major success by security authorities in confronting terrorism.

The Ministry, in a statement, said the apprehended terrorists confessed in interrogations to receiving educational courses about deviating doctrine of the Islamic State (IS) and undergoing military training before they had gotten involved in fighting in Syria and Iraq.

The Ministry vowed that it would spare no effort in clamping down, firmly, on any person who may try to undermine the homeland’s security. Pre-emptive precautions will be in force against any terrorist acts and terrorists will be brought to justice. The detainees were referred to the general prosecution, under the state felony case, number 47/2015.

The major successful blow came after uncovering another cell of terrorists who had masterminded bombing attack on Imam Al-Sadiq Mosque which included up to 29 suspected participants in the planning for the terrorist attack. Deputy Prime Minister and Interior Minister Sheikh Mohammad Al-Khaled Al-Hamad Al-Sabah has affirmed necessity of coordination and speedy swap of information among the GCC security authorities to thwart such attacks. The minister has pledged to His Highness the Amir that all the security personnel will work hard to crack down on any trouble-maker in the country.

By A Saleh and KUNA

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