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MP Fadhl demands holiday on Christmas, erect large tree on Safat Square; 200 Kuwaiti Christians living in Kuwait

KUWAIT: MP Fadhl yesterday strongly criticized a decision by the Social Affairs and Labor Minister Hind Al-Subaih ordering the removal of a Christmas tree from Dasma Cooperative Society, which is run by a private investor. Fadhl also called for declaring Christmas a public holiday and for erecting a very large Christmas tree on Safat Square, the largest square in downtown Kuwait City that has important historical significance.

He made the proposal to allow Christians to mark the occasion and for people to exchange gifts and peace and love greetings on the occasion. There are around 200 Kuwaiti Christians, along with hundreds of thousands of foreign Christians in the country. The state is also home to several major churches and Christmas is observed without any problems.

By B Izzak


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