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MP inquires about non-Kuwaitization of Sabah Hospital staff

KUWAIT: MP Khalil Abul yesterday filed a parliamentary inquiry to the health minister concerning not Kuwaitizing the internal diseases department’s medical staff at Sabah Hospital. Abul inquired about the total number of non-Kuwaiti doctors at the department who had exceeded the legal retirement age compared to Kuwaitis, their degrees, specializations and years of experience, how many times the contracts of each had been renewed, the reasons of renewal and why they had not been replaced by Kuwaitis so far. Abul also inquired about the reasons for reappointing the current head of department in this position despite the presence of Kuwaiti doctors in the same department.

In other news, the Public Authority for Roads and Transport (PART) announced 70 percent of the Wafra highway project has been completed and that another 16-km-long road segment between Sabah Al-Ahmad City and Mina Abdullah will open in December. PART added that the KD 84.6 million project will serve residents of Um Al-Haiman, Sabah Al-Ahmad, South Sabah Al-Ahmad, Wafra residential and agricultural districts and Mina Abdullah. In addition, PART explained that the new road will be 41 km long including seven intersections, nine flyovers and rain drainage systems.

By A Saleh

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