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MP proposes up to KD 700 monthly pay for Kuwaiti wives

By B Izzak, Agencies

KUWAIT: MP Majed Al-Mutairi proposed a monthly salary for stay-at-home wives that varies – depending on the person’s academic degree. The proposal stipulates paying married non-working Kuwaiti women a monthly financial assistance of KD 700 for holders of a Master’s degree (or higher), KD 600 for university Bachelor’s degree or Diploma holders, KD 550 for high school degree holders and KD 500 for certificate holders of an intermediate school or below. In order to be entitled to receive the pay, the woman must still be married and must have no personal source of income, according to the proposal.

In another development, MP Obaid Al-Wasmi on Thursday sent a series of questions to Justice Minister Abdulaziz Al-Majed requesting details about allegations of violations that took place during the September 29 parliamentary election in which the opposition scored a landslide victory. Wasmi is not a member of the opposition and was a supporter of the Cabinet headed by former prime minister Sheikh Sabah Al-Khaled Al-Sabah.

In his questions, Wasmi demanded to know if state-run Kuwait TV announced the results of certain election centers in the third constituency even before counting of votes had started and what was the agency authorized to  provide the TV with such results. He also asked for the exact time when counting of votes began at all third constituency centers.

The lawmaker asked the minister for the voters’ turnout percentages in all constituencies together and each individual constituency. He also demanded to know the number of voters who cast their votes in last year’s election and requested to know which constituency and center they cast their votes.

Wasmi asked the justice minister if some documents of the vote counting process were not signed by the election officials and what is the value of such documents. If the answer is positive, he demanded to know the number of unsigned documents. He asked if some representatives of candidates were prevented from seeing the ballot papers ahead of the counting and if counting officials had received protests from such representatives.

Wasmi demanded a detailed list of centers where voting percentages ranged from 90 percent and 100 percent in all the constituencies with the names of the head and members of the election officials. The lawmaker also asked about the number of state security agents who were present at election centers and what was their role in the election process. He also asked for the number of voters barred from voting for any reason in the five constituencies and in which constituency and center they are registered.


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