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MP Safa Al-Hashem slams treatment of beaten Egyptian

MP Safa Al-Hashem

KUWAIT: MP Safa Al-Hashem said she could grill Sabeeh over her decision to provide medical treatment at the state’s expense to an Egyptian who was mercilessly beaten by a Kuwaiti. Hashem is objecting as the case is still in court, saying the government should not have provided the man with any assistance. “Has the Egyptian government ever treated any Kuwaiti at its expense?” she demanded, rejecting the provision of special treatment to expats at the expense of Kuwaitis in the name of the law.

But Sabeeh denied paying the expenses of the Egyptian’s treatment from public funds, describing such statements as “inaccurate and lacking credibility and objectivity”. Sabeeh explained that Kuwait is a humanitarian land and that its laws protect the rights of all people living in it without any special instructions from public officials.

“The Egyptian expat has rights guaranteed by law. His treatment is routine and happens with all laborers. This case is no exception,” she emphasized, denying squandering public funds that are monitored by supervisory bodies. Sabeeh urged citizens not to jump to conclusions and judge things without solid proof. “The fight between the Egyptian and the citizen was referred to court so that each gets his due right without interference from anybody,” she affirmed.


By B Izzak and A Saleh

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