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MP urges securing camping sites

MP Dr Abdulrahman Al-Jeeran
MP Dr Abdulrahman Al-Jeeran

KUWAIT: In view of the beginning of the annual camping season, MP Abdulrahman Al-Jeeran yesterday proposed building comprehensive security, firefighting and ambulance centers in camping areas and along highways.

In his proposal, Jeeran urged the interior minister to build security checkpoints along northern, west and southern borders.

Marriage course
Rapporteur of the parliamentary women affairs committee, MP, Mohammed Tana Al-Enezi said that the committee agreed to a proposal that calls for conducting pre-marriage medical tests. He also suggested mandating couples-to-be to undergo a two-week training course to be organized by the family affairs experts at the justice ministry in order to eventually avoid and avert the increasing divorce rates.

Health committee
The parliamentary health affairs committee set its priorities, listing 16 proposals to be made on its next meeting including imposing health insurance on citizens, developing health services and building a medical city.

By A Saleh

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