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MPA works with PAAAFR to inspect farmlands

KUWAIT: Manpower Public Authority’s Deputy Director for Labor Protection Abdullah Al-Motoutah said that the authority had formed a joint committee with the Public Authority for Agricultural Affairs and Fish Resources (PAAAFR) to inspect agricultural land tenancy and the laborers registered on them. Separately, and following his meeting with the World Bank, the manpower authority’s acting director Ahmed Al- Moussa hailed the role it played in conducting local market studies. Moussa added that a proposal was made to the bank to support preparing a database about the labor market in Kuwait. On her part, the World Bank’s communication official Zeina Afif stressed the need to set a strategy to boost public awareness on the nature of Kuwait’s labor market.

Farmlands’ withdrawal
PAAAFR Director Faisal Al-Hasawi announced that the farms committee has finished preparing the final warnings pending withdrawing 126 unused land tenancies in Abdaly, in addition to land used by 56 sheep and animal fodder companies over violation of lease contract conditions

Sit-in postponed
Informed sources said that marine operation guides at the Kuwait Ports Authority decided to postpone a sit-in they had planned until Sunday instead of today. Notably, the guides had planned to stage a sit-in outside the authority director’s office to demand resuming payment of rent, achievement and heavy machinery handling allowances. The sources added that a number of the captains met the director who asked them to defer their sit-in until after the board’s meeting on Sunday, promising to meet their demands.

Landline bills
The Ministry of Communications recently urged all subscribers to willingly pay their landline bills before the commencement of the monthly automated service disconnection for December, as usual by sending a warning message on Dec 6 followed by a second one on Dec 13 before disconnecting the service on Dec 20. The ministry also noted that the maximum bill value at which the automated disconnection starts is KD 50 for residential landlines and KD 100 for commercial ones, while subscribers who had already made an agreement to reschedule their overdue bills and pay them in installments would have their lines disconnected immediately over any delay in paying those installments. In addition, the ministry said that those who do not pay their annual subscription fees for six months or more would lose the service. The ministry explained that subscribers could pay the bills online.

‘Merbeaniya’ starts
Astronomer Adel Al-Saadoun said that Monday would mark the beginning of one of 12 weather seasons known in Kuwait, noting that this one is known as the Merbeaniya (Forty Days), starting on Dec 7 and ending on Jan 14, a period during which temperatures drop to an average of 0-8 degrees Celsius accompanied by fast northwesterly Siberian winds.

By Meshaal Al-Enezi

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