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MPs push for more freedoms in media laws

KUWAIT: The information ministry’s acting undersecretary Mohammad Al-Awash announced that a team was formed to study all legislations and media laws that organize information activities in all fields, on the instruction of Information Minister and State Minister for Youth Affairs Mohammad Al-Jabri.

Meanwhile, MPs laid down general ideas for such amendments, stressing this should result in more freedoms, Al-Jarida reported yesterday. Awash said the team held its first meeting yesterday in order to review all laws related to e-media, audiovisual, in addition to print and publication. He said the ministry believes it is time to review the laws to support national media, both official and private, adding that the ministry is keen on getting hoped for results.

In the meantime, MP Khalid Al-Shatti rejected any amendment that leads to reducing media and public freedoms, adding that ambitions are for more freedom as stipulated by the constitution. Furthermore, MP Ahmad Al-Fadhl said “we will have a close eye on any limitations.” Moreover, MP Mohammad Al-Dallal said amendments must be made towards more freedoms and deal with drawbacks of the previous laws.

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