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MS Dossary’s Game On Kuwait concludes first tournament

KUWAIT: MS Dossary’s Game On Kuwait tournament recently concluded to great fanfare. The esports association football tournament brought in large crowds of spectators to watch teams of two battle it out for the chance to be champions. The esports tournament took place this month at Marina Crescent. MS Dossary’s Game On Kuwait sees teams of two switch their primary roles as they tag each other in and out of play when certain conditions are met. One being that they must do so at half time.

While MS Dossary had initially planned on attending the event in person, he was unable to do so due to an unexpected scheduling conflict. Instead he was able to record an encouraging video to all the participants that was aired on the day of the tournament. The opening round saw 16 ready teams go head to head in 8 matches. All tournament games adhered to a playoff format. The first match of the tournament was Uchiha versus D2WN. Here D2WN won by 2-1 to move forward in the tournament.

Team Force forfeited their opening match to Milan as they were a no show at the time of their game. By default, Milan advanced to the quarter-finals. The remainder of the playoff brackets scores were as follows: N.O.I.S. edge by Gunners 2-1, and M.O.H.D. beat Tornado 2-0. Al-Hashemi won 2-1 over 4A. Team Kayedhoum won 4-1 over United. R9 Team stumbled, losing 0-1 to Joker 23 in the playoffs.

The eighth and final playoff match had Gullit win 1-0 over Jawi. The quarter-finals kicked off with D2WN victorious 3-1 over Milan. There might have been a slight disadvantage for Milan since it was their first proper match. Next the crowd watched N.O.I.S. lose 1-3 to M.O.H.D. In the third quarter-final game Al-Hashemi came up short 1-3 in their matchup against Team Kayedhoum.

Last but not least, Joker 23 won 3-0 against Gullit to conclude the quarter-finals brackets. The semi-finals started with D2WN winning 2-1 over the high scoring M.O.H.D. team. Closing out the semi-finals was another close match, but Team Kayedhoum outscored Joker 23, and the game ended 3-2. The third place match was played just before the finals, and M.O.H.D. won a solid game 3-2 against Joker 23 to take third in the tournament rankings. A superb match, all in all.

The teams with perfect records that qualified for the MS Dossary’s Game On Kuwait finals were D2WN and Team Kayedhoum. The final match was a high-scoring affair, with five goals scored in total. In the end Team Kayedhoum finished ahead by a score of 3-2. With a successful first tournament run of MS Dossary’s Game On Kuwait, there is going to be considerable buzz for another edition next year. To find out more about MS Dossary’s Game On Kuwait and other events like it, follow @RedBullKuwait on Instagram and Twitter, and @RedBull on Facebook, or visit redbull.com.

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