Multinational oil companies

By Yousuf Awadh Al-Azmi

“If you are given a command or position, keep the wicked away from you.” – Socrates

Sometimes I think about the situation at the administration of Kuwait Oil Company, as far as discovery, exploration, refining, Seismic survey and other technical operations related to this matter are concerned, dealing with international companies, or the so-called intercontinental companies or multinational companies, and how the agreements are and what are their effects on the professional standard of Kuwaiti employees at the companies. Also, is the existence of such companies worth it to train local employees and develop their technical performance, and are those companies keen on presenting the best technical training professionally with a high quality?

Maybe the stranger question is that we are so far not a country that exports expertise and oil workers, despite the fact that more than 80 years have passed since the discovery of oil! It is supposed, logically, that expert Kuwaiti employees participate in decision making in major oil companies in the world. But the truth is not as such, rather there is no specialized university for petroleum and its industries. There is only an engineering and petroleum college at Kuwait University, and it is of high academic standard, but not enough, and many graduates are still on the waiting lists for specialized employment. Also, you may find it strange that newly graduated oil engineers have difficulties in getting jobs in state companies such as KOC or KNPC!

Through my follow up of companies working in the field of oil, I found prestigious companies with a history full of achievements. They have valuable contributions in supporting technical oil work and operate with high professionalism, allowing them to get many contracts with KOC, but they do not present distinguished expertise to Kuwaiti workers. There may be some exceptions, but I am talking in general!

The current and future stages need more attention on renewable energy, and what results in the form of safe and cheaper power and low carbon, as well as developing, renewing and having realistic strategies for solutions in energy, financing, construction and land, sea and air cargo, in order to obtain environment-friendly energy and trustworthy security and safety levels.

Maybe many followers of oil affairs know that there are companies with international stature or multinational operations operating in Kuwait, and have being operating since the discovery or oil in our country, such as British Petroleum, Shell, Chevron, Halliburton, Baker Hughes and Schlumberger, which has been operating in Kuwait since 1939, and is still operating and carrying out its contractual work agreed upon with KOC, which qualified it to be always in the lead of companies that are trusted to carry out difficult jobs due to its technical history and qualified employees, making it one of the most trusted private company.

Schlumberger has employed several qualified Kuwaitis in most important jobs, but it must pay more interest in this regard, because what is said above is among its most important duties towards the country that gave it the most valued projects. The same applies to other companies such as Halliburton, Chevron, Shell and others that operate in Kuwait and have valid contracts.

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