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Municipal Council to mull future plans for Al-Sawaber Complex

Ali Al-Moussa

KUWAIT: Head of the structural plan committee at the Municipal Council Ali Al-Moussa announced holding a workshop about the municipality’s vision and future plans for Al-Sawaber Complex next Monday. “Being in the heart of Kuwait City and covering a large area, Al-Sawaber is very important and can be used for many activities that will eventually help turn Kuwait into a financial and commercial hub,” he said.

Legally accountable
Head of the five-member caretaker committee at Kuwait Farmers Union Hadi Majed Al-Watri warned that all individuals or corporates unlawfully using the union’s name through press ads or social media networks will be legally held accountable. Watri added that the committee, formed during the union’s general assembly meeting held on Dec 4, 2016, saw a paid ad published in two local dailies on Monday, Jan 9, 2017, allegedly signed by the Kuwait Farmers Union.
“The ad called for an extraordinary general assembly meeting to be held on Sunday, February 5, 2017 at 4:00 pm at the union’s headquarters to elect a new board of directors,” he explained, adding that the ad also urged members to pay their subscriptions by Jan 17. He added the publisher also urged all readers to disregard any other ads.
Watri added that the previous caretaker committee headed by Saleh Ahmed Al-Anboee had concluded its tenure on Dec 3, 2016 and the current one was selected by the general assembly on Dec 4, 2016 that decided holding an extraordinary general assembly meeting on Feb 4, 2017 to elect a new board of directors.

Road projects
The Ministry of Public Works’ (MPW) road engineering sector yesterday announced launching the new phase of a media campaign titled ‘Everybody Knows’ under the supervision of assistant undersecretary Ahmed Al-Hessan with the aim of highlighting the sector’s statistics and current and future achievements. In this regard, Hessan stressed that the sector is keen on communicating with the media since he assumed office, with the aim boosting awareness and communication with the public and transparently provide information about MPW projects.

By Meshaal Al-Enezi

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