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Municipality continues to remove unlicensed camps

KUWAIT: Kuwait Municipality announced yesterday that it has intensified its efforts to remove violating camps around the country, whose owners set them before the official start of camping season. The efforts have so far resulted in removal of 14 unlicensed tents in Jahra governorate, Rasheed Al-Bader, head of the municipality’s central emergency team, stated.
The operations are ongoing in cooperation with the Municipality’s specialized departments in all six governorates, in addition to ministries and state bodies related to the spring camps committee, Al-Bader said. The Municipality urges all citizens and residents to commit to the official camping season. The kick off date for the season is to be announced soon and will be made available through various media outlets, he noted.

As the camping season approaches, environment police began increasing their patrols in desert areas to monitor any environmental violations as they usually increase during this season. Police received a call about a rubbish fire in Wafra desert, so firemen were called in to out the fire out. It was determined the fire was deliberately started to get rid of rubbish. The environment law 32/2014 bans such practices, which carries a fine anywhere up to KD 500-10,000. The environment police said they will apply the law strictly against those who burn rubbish in the desert. – Agencies

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