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Municipality fights unauthorized use of Jleeb open yards

KUWAIT: In collaboration with Interior Ministry personnel, Kuwait Municipality’s Farwaniya inspection teams recently launched a cleaning campaign in Jleeb Al-Shuyoukh where the team used special installations to prevent using open yards as truck parking areas or garages for auto repair, changing oils and tires and dumping wastes.

In this regard, Farwaniya Municipality Manager Mohammad Sarkhouh said that a plan had been set to clean various open yards and impound violating vehicles, adding that 11 vehicles and heavy machinery had been removed and 57 warning notices had been stuck on other trucks pending removal.

Sarkhouh added that 80 truckloads of waste and 30 truckloads of tires were removed from the yards, in addition to filing two citations for setting up unlicensed garages there. “Those yards are being currently cleaned,” he underlined, pointing out that the cleaning process is going on around the clock.

Meanwhile, Farwaniya Cleaning Manager Saad Al-Khorainej said that a yard opposite Block 10 in the area was subjected to cleaning over five days, during which abandoned vehicles and tires were removed and temporary fences were placed to prevent using the yard as a parking area. Khorainej added that 150 truckloads of waste and 50 truckloads of used tires were removed and sent to the used tires’ dumpster in Salmi.

By Meshaal Al-Enezi

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