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Mutawa Alkazi presents 4WD Bj40 for Al-Dihani, Al-Rashidi

Mutawa Alkazi presents 4WD Bj40 for Al-Dihani, Al-Rashidi
Mutawa Alkazi presents 4WD Bj40 for Al-Dihani, Al-Rashidi

KUWAIT: In appreciation for their historical achievements of Fuhaid Al-Dihani on receiving the golden medal and Abdullah Al-Tarqi Al- Rashidi on receiving the bronze medal in Rio 2016 Olympiad, Mutawa Alkazi Group gave a reception and appreciation parts for the two Champs at its Principal Office, which was attended by executives and personnel, in addition to a crowd of customers and attendees. They were received by Omar Sulaiman Alkazi, CEO of Mutawa Alkazi Group and its affiliates and the sole agent of BAIC Motors, GAC Motor and DFM Motor, who welcomed them and presented for each a 4WD Bj40 as a present, in appreciation for such honorable achievement. Alkazi asserted that presenting a 4WD Bj40 for Fuhaid Al-Dihani and Abdullah Al-Rashidi was a symbolic present from Mutawa Alkazi Group for Champ Fuhaid Al-Dihani, who accomplished a world achievement on winning the golden medal in Double Trap competitions, after defeating the Italian rival 28 versus 27.

Moreover, the group presented a similar vehicle to the Olympic Champ Abdullah Al- Tarqi Al-Rashidi, for receiving the bronze medal in Skeet Plate contests for men during 2016 Rio Olympiad, which was prominently distinct.

Alkazi paid tribute to such honorable achievement, as they gave the Kuwaitis and Arabs the best present and pleaded millions of people longing for athletes’ win of medals during such world championship. Despite Al- Dihani and Al-Rashidi participated under the Olympic flag, they proved worthiness and make dreams come true. In addition, they restored trust in the Kuwaiti sports and athletes, despite the problem of world suspension and its consequences on the national athletes and sports. By such achievement, they proved that our champs are capable of facing challenges, overcoming difficulties, showing distinction and worthiness and giving Kuwait a facelift, he asserted. Alkazi stated that Mutawa Alkazi Group firmly stands at the side of all Kuwaiti distinct people and youth, who are the source of pride, and supports all positive initiatives concerning all Kuwaiti people. Regarding the BAIC Bj40 presented to Champs Al-Dihani and Al-Rashidi, the 4WD Bj40 is featured with flexible body arrangement and detachability of the roof and windscreen, which gives an exceptional driving experience, in addition to the human design and considerate details, e.g. panoramic reversing radar, powered foldable side mirrors, Hi-Fi stereo system and cup holder at air outlet.

For the adventurous people, the Bj40 is provided with off-road survival information system to give the feeling if adventure and challenge and provide a distinct performance and control all road conditions. With Bj40, the more the roads difficult, the more the drive safer and more confident, thanks to the standard configuration of ultra-high anti-roll frame, which constitutes a natural barrier to protect passengers. Bj40 boasts a strong separate frame construction, which increases its torsional stiffness by 40%, so that Bj40 is in a position to withstand any extreme torque compared to any similar vehicle.

It can work under all kinds of weather and topography by 2.5 times magnified torque up to 542 N/M, in addition to 2-wheel rear drive and highspeed 4-wheel drive and low-speed 4-wheel drive, for giving an exceptional pleasure while driving and a spirit of adventure. It was built as per the military vehicle standards and provided with V4 CC2400 motor. It was tested like a military vehicle to verify road performance, and it has successfully experienced a road test over one million kilometers, in addition to top military security standards, including employment of metalembraced brakes and all-floating drive axle.

The 4WD Bj40 is featured with various colors to fulfill the needs of possessors of such vehicles, e.g. black, white, dark red, red and green. He asserted that Mutawa Alkazi Group is interested in providing the best offers, including prices, guaranty and registration, in addition to the approved maintenance at the service centers located in Ahmadi and Shuwaikh, performed by the most skilled engineers and technicians capable of achieving the process as soon as practicable to enable secure and safe road drive, and constantly providing the original spare parts against the best prices. He called upon all to visit Mutawa Alkazi Group showrooms in Rai, Shuwaikh and Ahmadi to have an idea regarding the latest offers and examine various BAIC, JAC and DFM vehicles, which fulfill different needs of customers of diverse ages and requirements. Eventually, Alkazi asked Al-Dihani and Al- Rashidi to keep on distinction and lead all competitions and hold Kuwait name and flag high in the skies of all international, Arabic and GCC circles besides other Kuwaiti champions in all arenas, so that Kuwait would restore position of prestige as always, thanks to the efforts of its citizens. In turn, Fuhaid Al-Dihani and Abdullah Al- Rashidi thanked Mutawa Alkazi Group for such generous initiative and referred to its distinguished role in supporting all Kuwaitis in all aspects, for its social responsibility at all times, and hoped constant success for all staff at the Group.

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