Muwaizri in war of words with Ghanem

MP Shuaib Al-Muwaizri

KUWAIT: Opposition MP Shuaib Al-Muwaizri yesterday called on National Assembly Speaker Marzouq Al-Ghanem for a full debate over a complaint the lawmaker had filed against the speaker to the International Parliamentarians Union. The complaint was filed several months ago, in which Muwaizri charged that the speaker did not do enough to prevent three Assembly members from going to jail despite enjoying parliamentary immunity.

Ghanem led a strong Assembly delegation to Geneva to explain the Assembly’s position over the complaint and declared on Sunday that the IPU rejected the complaint. He lashed out at Muwaizri, accusing him of attempting to tarnish the image of the National Assembly and Kuwait internationally. In his response, Muwaizri said the best way to settle the issue is to have a full debate in the Assembly for everyone to illustrate their viewpoints. Muwaizri also criticized the speaker’s use of insults against him. He stressed that he was unaffected by them and demanded a full debate.

Meanwhile, MP Jamaan Al-Harbash said yesterday that the public prosecution informed the Assembly’s human rights panel that it has sent a list of pardons to the Amiri Diwan containing the largest number of names in years. Every year, HH the Amir pardons hundreds of prisoners by releasing them or by reducing their jail terms, based on several criteria.

Harbash called on the Amiri Diwan to speed up the procedures to help reduce overcrowding in the central jail. Authorities recently complained that the central jail is highly overcrowded because of the large number of prisoners. The lawmaker said Kuwait should apply a system to make those convicted of simple offences to carry out community services instead of going to jail. He also said the human rights committee wants the life term to be limited to 20 or 25 years in jail.

Separately, opposition MP Mohammad Hayef yesterday asked the finance minister about the requirements and qualifications of board members of Kuwait Airways, which had been transformed into a shareholding company. He demanded the names of the new board formed recently and a copy of the decision appointing them, besides the qualifications and work experience of all the members. Hayef asked if any objections were raised over the makeup of the new board and demanded copies of the complaints and objections, if any.

By B Izzak

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