Mystery behind container theft resolved

KUWAIT: Farwaniya detectives solved the mystery behind the theft of a container loaded with electric equipment worth over KD 50,000, as a Syrian man was arrested and the name of a Pakistani national was placed on the wanted list as he had fled to his country. The Syrian had sold 30 percent of the container’s contents at prices 60 percent cheaper than the actual price. Detectives became involved when a bedoon complained to Jleeb Al-Shuyiukh police about the theft of truck with the container loaded on it that contained electric equipment. An undercover agent told police that a Syrian was selling electric equipment in Rai, so he was followed and arrested in Sulaibiya near a fenced-off yard that belonged to him, and the container’s contents were found there. The Syrian said the thief was a Pakistani, and he only sold the equipment.

A fireman told Qairawan police his dog was stolen from the garden of his father’s house in Nahda. He said his dog is ferocious and it is very difficult to steal it, adding the dog may have been drugged. Meanwhile, an Egyptian pharmacist told a Hawally police station that his car was broken into and two tablets were stolen from it. Separately, a thief entered a mobile phone store and stole covers and accessories valued at KD 600, according to the owners, who filed a case at Jleeb police station. – Translated from the Arabic press

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