National ‘Chaos’ Day

Each year, some very disgraceful behaviors and shameful practices take place all over Kuwait’s streets and squares during the national and liberation celebrations, where many people find joy in frivolity, uncontrollability, harassment, violating other’s privacy, blocking traffic and littering in a seasonal ‘chaotic’ scene that indicates a great deal of contradiction where everybody ‘fails’ on a day of ‘success’.

Well, the phenomenon is not a local one as uncontrollability, chaos and demagogy are very well-known characteristics of crowds in the absence of discipline and fear of law. Sociologists have found that it is human nature that crowds tend to act more chaotically and do things they would never consider doing individually. Things even get worse the less aware those crowds are, just like what happens in our streets where the majority of ‘celebrators’ taking part in the this annual ‘chaos’ are mainly kids and teenagers.

The sad thing in the Kuwaiti part of this phenomenon is that it happens during a patriotic anniversary when martyrs’ sacrifices should be commemorated. But instead, the occasion turns into silly practices driven by ‘mass mentality’ of younger generations who turn this patriotic occasion into an opportunity to break the law, disrespect it and come out with very disgraceful practices right before the eyes of their parents who even encourage them. This really contributes to destroying the spirit of patriotism and national loyalty. – Translated by Kuwait Times from Al-Anbaa

By Salah Al-Sayer

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