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Muna Al-Fuzai

By Muna Al-Fuzai

Kuwait is preparing to celebrate the National and Liberation Day holidays next week. The Civil Service Commission has announced that Tuesday and Wednesday will be official holidays, along with Thursday, because it falls between two holidays. Official work will resume on Sunday, March 1, 2020.

This is great break; some people may stay in Kuwait and participate in the activities that are expected to be held during this period, while others may choose to travel outside the country to enjoy the vacation. The national days are celebrated as major historical, political and social events of the country, where official buildings are decorated with national flags as well as a number of residential houses, and fireworks are usually launched on the occasion.

Celebrations of the national holiday have witnessed several phases in the past 50 years and went through many changes throughout history. In the Seventies and Eighties, celebrations of National Day were held along Arabian Gulf Street with the involvement of various state and private institutions, and school students participated in these celebrations.

I think in the past five years, this national celebration has been exposed to extraneous and offensive scenes, and some people have acted in a manner that does not indicate patriotism, love, respect or even understanding of why we celebrate. The celebrations have taken on more dangerous aspects of harm rather than joy, especially when foam is sprayed on pedestrians and drivers irresponsibly without any regard for their health and safety. Also, the water used in water guns may be replaced by harmful liquids.

The police and security force, of course, play their role, but, parents have a major role by encouraging their children to not use water guns against people in the name of joy and waste large quantities of water for no reason. Some behaviors are insulting the national days despite attempts to control the places where the use of water guns is permitted.

Some drivers take part in spraying foam rather than focusing on driving, which causes accidents. Some people prepare balloons that are filled with water and throw it on passing cars. Unfortunately, some families allow their children to spray cars in the inside streets of residential areas for days until the end of the weekend, so everyone is exposed to a lot of harm.

Sadly, the celebration has turned from a happy occasion that people look forward to, whether citizens or expatriates, to a celebration that is characterized by harm to innocents and riots. I hope that security will be imposed on everyone by confining these ceremonies in specific areas and away from the streets to provide safe enjoyment for the public.

It is important for these young people to know why we celebrate this occasion and its importance, but some people do not know anything other than buying water guns and spraying it on people. This is a big mistake, because this is a national occasion when many people sacrificed their lives for this land to be safe, and not a water festival.

I wish happy and safe holidays to everyone.

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