Nationality forgery

Muna Al-Fuzai

By Muna Al-Fuzai

The forgery of citizenship is a complicated, thorny and embarrassing issue for individuals and the government, especially in cases where the forger’s death has occurred, making it difficult to hold his children accountable for a crime that was committed by their deceased father.

This difficult file was reopened with great courage by Speaker of the National Assembly Marzouq Al-Ghanem recently during a parliamentary session. I can’t think of anyone who can dare to carry out this mission now except for the speaker, due to his status and the immunity he possesses.

As soon as this issue was presented accompanied by facts and figures, many citizens supported his plea, because this issue will surely open the door to other corruption cases that need to be exposed. One of the first cases is the exploitation of public funds at the expense of the state without any right. Just as forgery is a crime punishable by law, silence is a devil.

Therefore, it is imperative to support the demands of the speaker to reveal the facts in this file. It is natural that there are those who fear even talking about the topic because it will disclose some names who could be known to the public, and some who would rather stay in the dark to benefit from privileges they do not deserve.

There is a good and excellent suggestion from Ghanem to establish an authority for nationality, whose task will be to follow up the regulations of acquiring Kuwaiti nationality and uncovering cases of fraud. I believe it is about time.

During the speech by the speaker on the issue of citizenship forgery, he presented the case of a female forger, and frankly, it was a strange and malicious story. Like other citizens, we were very touched to learn about this “forged” ghost lady who had two characters and one image. I hope Ghanem will complete his national role to present the full details of the truth, because it is not only a case of fraud, but selling and manipulating national identity.

In recent years, a number of persons who were involved in citizenship fraud have been referred to the judiciary because they obtained Kuwaiti citizenship by manipulation to benefit from residential care, employment and education.

Another key file is the bedoon issue, because it is necessary to differentiate between those who deserve Kuwaiti nationality and those who do not. Some bedoons have sacrificed their lives for Kuwait, while some hide their nationality in order to obtain citizenship privileges. This is a serious matter that affects loyalty to the country and its future demographics, so revealing the facts about this file is essential.

I believe that the demand to maintain Kuwaiti identity is not an electoral matter, but a national appeal to protect the country from exploitation and greed from those who want to convert the honor of Kuwaiti nationality into a commodity to sell, and that is why we should not be lenient with those involved in such crimes. A big thank you to the speaker of the National Assembly, because we really need to focus on such issues to protect Kuwait’s future.

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