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NATO official praises Kuwait’s participant in Defense College

ROME: Colonel Marine Naser Marafie (RIGHT) with head of the NATO Defense College Lieutenant-General Olivier Rittimann. – KUNA

ROME: NATO Defense College Head, Lieutenant-General Olivier Rittimann, hailed the experience of having a Kuwaiti educational consultant in the organization on Friday. This came in remark to the press on the end of the mandate of the Kuwaiti Colonel Marine Nasser Marafie at the NATO defense college. Rittimann affirmed that the NATO defense college chose Marafie due to his extensive experience and knowledge.

Moreover, he went on praising the distinguished cooperation with the State of Kuwait and its “critical” role in promoting strategic dialogue with the countries of the Istanbul Cooperation Initiative. He stressed that the college has excellent and advanced partnerships with the NATO center in Kuwait, as they were able to have a long and meaningful discussion on security issues in the Gulf region.

Meanwhile, Colonel Marafie expressed his pride in choosing him, in 2018, the first non-Allied teacher to work at the NATO defense college as a teacher and strategic expert for North Africa and the Middle East. The NATO Defense College is an international military college for training and educating military and civilian leaders in the relevant diplomatic and military fields in their countries with the aim of developing strategic thinking on political and military issues, training and studies, and achieving academic and research studies to support the activities of the Alliance. – KUNA


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