Naturalized woman kicks husband out

KUWAIT: A recently naturalized Syrian woman kicked her husband out of their house. When police told him to go back to the house, even if by force, he told them: “I love her and I do not want to disturb her.” A security source said the man sought their help, so they went to his house. When they asked him why his wife had kicked him out, he said that his wife was a Syrian who lately received Kuwaiti citizenship. They asked him to reenter the house, but he refused, and even refused to lodge a complaint. So police left him under the scorching sun and went away.

A bedoon was taken to the forensics department to find whether he was under the influence of drugs. Hawally police noticed he was driving his car recklessly, and when they stopped him, he was found in an abnormal condition and resisted arrest. Meanwhile, a citizen told police his driver was drunk and that he found liquor in his room. Police arrested the man and took him to Salam police station.

Suicide attempt
A Sri Lankan woman was put under guard at Mubarak Hospital for questioning after she attempted suicide. A security source said police received a call about a suicide attempt in Mishref after the woman slashed her wrists.

Foul play
A Bangladeshi was found dead near the kilo 50 marker on Abdaly Road. Police said there is suspicion of foul play.

The body of a Lebanese man was sent to the coroner to find the reason behind his death. Lyrica tablets (an antiepileptic and anticonvulsant drug) were found in his pocket. Police stopped the man and when they checked his ID, he was found wanted for a debt. He was taken to Maidan Hawally police station, where he fell ill, so an ambulance took him to hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

Two Asian domestic helpers stole jewelry and personal pictures of the family they worked for and disappeared. Fintas police were told the maids opened the bedroom cupboard and took a box containing expensive jewelry and albums containing personal family pictures, then fled. Criminal detectives are looking for them.

Performance enhancement
A young man who planned to spend time with his girlfriend fell ill after taking a performance enhancement pill. The man’s girlfriend found him in critical condition and called the police, who went to the flat with paramedics, and he was rushed to Mubarak Hospital’s ICU. The man will be questioned after he recovers. – Translated from the Arabic press



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