Nature can breathe better

By Abdellatif Sharaa

Amazing how nature adapts to what is good quickly and obviously. When Mr Corona arrived, it made everyone raise their heads and pay attention to what is around them. Not long after curfews were imposed, the atmosphere began clearing up, and yesterday the air quality indicator was in the green. Really amazing! Fewer engines on streets during night hours gave nature an opportunity to breathe better. I believe this is proof that man has much to do with ills, and it is also proof that nature, if left alone, can go the right course and be of help to man, plant and even stone.

Going around the country, I can see many types of wildlife – both flora and fauna. I see many types of birds flying around even closer to city limits, which was a rare occurrence in the near past. So, why don’t we cooperate and act as one to keep our surroundings clean, like open yards, parks, beaches and other public places?

The municipality places garbage dumpsters around neighborhoods, yet many of us throw bags any which way and hardly pay attention to the containers. There should be strict laws to guarantee peoples’ commitment to comply with environmental laws and keep places clean, and punish those who harm plants, especially those that help clean the air of harmful elements, particularly carbon dioxide, and give us clean air.

One important thing is that a clean environment prevents the spread of disease caused by environmental pollution. It is a must, as it is important on land, to maintain clean seawaters to also protect its environment, and maintain healthy seawaters because this will also affect our own wellbeing. It is our duty to care for ourselves, and care for each other, so we can lead a clean healthy life. Let us start now!

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