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Nazaha holds first forum for Anti-Corruption Day

KUWAIT: Participants at the first Nazaha forum organized by the National Kuwaiti Nazaha Society to mark International Anti-Corruption Day discussed the swift government action in three different sectors including the media and education sectors, ending with improving global indicators which could be based on misinformation or falsified.

Head of the society Mohammed Al-Otaibi said the recommendations reached by participants and attendees will be given to the Cabinet, Anti-Corruption Authority and other supervision authorities to pursue their procedures. The discussion’s first section is related to the integrity of the media, stressing the importance that media outlets must conform to their national duty and stay away from disinformation, while the second stresses the importance of education as a pillar of society. In the third section, the discussion stresses on the importance of boosting international anticorruption ratings, Otaibi clarified.

Media recommendations by Madhi Al-Khamis and Dr Rashid Al-Helfi include: (1) Activating cooperation between the anti-corruption authority and other government entities with all media outlets. (2) Reviewing the license of media companies, which have now exceeded 400 companies, some of whom spread misinformation and ruin Kuwait’s reputation. (3) Invitation for financial and administrative organization for media outlets. (4) Connecting media outlets with a special organization supervised by the information ministry.

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