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NBK and LOYAC conclude KON Training Program

Manal Al-Mattar

KUWAIT: National Bank of Kuwait (NBK) and LOYAC concluded the Training Program KON. More than 50 interns participated in this program that consisted of 6 weeks online training sessions divided over two phases. NBK sponsored this program as part of its commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility as well as towards supporting students, youths and self-building initiatives in Kuwait.

Commenting on this occasion, Manal Al-Mattar, NBK Public Relations Assistant General Manager said: “We are proud of the outcome of this program. Even in this time of uncertainty, the program continued to provide its expertise to young people through online training sessions and workshops.”

Mattar added: “NBK is dedicated towards supporting talented young people and empowering them towards achieving their goals. KON is one of these initiatives that help invest and support youths. NBK is elated with the outcome of the program and looks forward to seeing the participants moving into key leadership roles in their near future.”

“NBK always strives to empower youth to realize their potentials, providing career and training opportunities,” she added. She also stressed the importance of development programs in shaping the youth and preparing them for the job market and even more so the importance of employers supporting such programs.

NBK continues to promote a range of philanthropic missions and social welfare programs as part of its corporate social responsibility to assert its leadership in supporting Kuwait’s social development standing as a model in serving all aspects of the community. LOYAC is a nonprofit organization that runs several programs for the youth to develop their professional skills, enhance their personal growth and help them find their sense of purpose by extending themselves to others.

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