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NBK participates in GUST career fair

Mubarak Al-Enezi

KUWAIT: As part of its keenness to support young national cadres and provide them with suitable job opportunities, as one of the largest private sector employers of national labor, National Bank of Kuwait (NBK) participated in the career fair organized by Gulf University of Science and Technology (GUST), which was held on June 22 – 23.

The fair was held virtually in cooperation with the Khebra platform, which is the first platform in the Middle East connecting different employers, private universities and young talents in Kuwait. During the fair, the bank provided many job opportunities for the Kuwaiti youth of both genders, in line with its consistent efforts to solicit young national cadres, help them develop their skills and provide a work environment that suits their aspirations and future goals.

On this occasion, Mubarak Al-Enezi, Senior Officer – Recruitment at National Bank of Kuwait, said: “NBK’s Group Human Resources staff conducted interviews through the digital platform and responded to all inquiries raised by students who filled out the application form for available vacancies. This comes in line with the bank’s keenness to encourage those graduates to join the banking sector, which plays an instrumental role in developing the Kuwaiti economy.”

Through this participation, NBK provided the youth with the opportunity to learn about the nature of work in the bank, and available career areas, in addition to familiarizing them with the available training opportunities to develop their skills, he added.

Enezi noted that the bank’s participation in this fair is an important opportunity for the youth and fresh graduates seeking to navigate their career paths, as it provides them with an opportunity to learn about the needs and characteristics of the labor market, and helps them choose the suitable job for their qualifications and aspirations.

NBK is committed to provide training programs for young Kuwaiti fresh graduates and students, to equip them with the expertise, professional knowledge, and on-job training, as professional preparation for them to navigate the labor market, manifesting NBK’s role as one of the leading local private sector institutions in supporting the youth.

NBK’s efforts in soliciting national talents go in line with its development and training plans aimed to invest in national cadres and prepare a promising banking generation. The bank is also keen to offer a series of training courses and professional academic programs, being one of the leading banking institutions in Kuwait in organizing training programs for youth.


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