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NBK shares joy of Girgian at NBK Children’s Hospital and Center 21

KUWAIT: National Bank of Kuwait (NBK) shared the joy of Girgian at NBK Children’s Hospital and Center 21. Girgian is an annual tradition celebrated in Kuwait during the middle of the month of Ramadan. At NBK Children’s Hospital, NBK participated in the Girgian celebration and shared with the children the happy moments of Girgian. The event was attended by NBK Public Relations Team and a number of volunteers.

Celebrating with the residents of Center 21 comes with the occasion of International Autism Day. NBK’s participation in this event reflected NBK’s efforts to communicate with all segments of the society Contributing to Center 21 is an integral part of NBK’s culture and practices that reflect its deep commitment to its corporate social responsibility.

Both Girgian events were filled with fun and entertainment and decorated with Girgian theme, as part of NBK’s extensive social outreach program during the Holy month of Ramadan. Girgian events come as a part of NBK’s annual social program ‘Doing Good Deeds’ during the Holy month of Ramadan that features a multitude of philanthropic activities.

By doing good deeds all month long, NBK hopes to encourage a greater sense of community and charity during Ramadan. NBK carries on its humanitarian initiatives and support of social welfare programs, as it firmly believes in the importance of corporate social responsibility and its effective impact in serving the community and its people, as well as emphasizing the leading role NBK has been playing in that field for many decades.

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