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NBK sponsors training program for fresh Kuwaiti graduates

Manal Al-Mattar

KUWAIT: National Bank of Kuwait (NBK) sponsors “TAMAKAN” training program for fresh Kuwaiti graduates, as part of the strategic partnership with “Creative Confidence” for the third consecutive year. The program is an innovative training experience especially tailored for fresh Kuwaiti university graduates. It aims to support young Kuwaiti graduates to develop their skills, expand their capabilities and grow their knowledge in a way that will make them compelling candidates for employment.

NBK will be hosting the program and providing a real business challenge that participants will work on into the final stages of the training sessions. The program will start on January 18 and end on March 27, 2022. TAMAKAN is a full-time commitment for 10 weeks, five days a week, from 8:00am-4:00pm. NBK Public Relations Assistant General Manager, Manal Faisal Al-Mattar, said, “NBK’s sponsorship and participation in the program comes as a part of its strategic partnership with Creative Confidence. NBK is dedicated towards supporting talented young graduates and empowering Kuwaitis.”

“TAMAKAN” is one of these initiatives that help invest in promising youth talents. NBK is looking forward to the outcome of the program and to seeing the participants moving into key leadership roles in their near future,” she added. “NBK believes that investing in human resources is investing in our future. TAMAKAN program goes along with NBK’s initiatives to invest in Kuwaiti youth and support their aspirations,” Mattar noted.

Sumayah Al-Jasem

Meanwhile, the Founder and Managing Director of Creative Confidence, Sumayah Mohamad Al-Jasem expressed her sincere thanks to NBK for their continuous support to TAMAKAN. “We are proud of this strategic sponsorship that results in supporting and investing in the Kuwaiti youths,” she said. Jasem added that graduates will gain real, relevant work experience and develop their skills to help them start their careers. They will get exposed to the latest methods and tools that will help them in designing solutions and shaping ideas in any field.

TAMAKAN Program offers recent graduates a unique development opportunity before starting their first job. TAMAKAN is organized by Creative confidence in collaboration with NBK. Creative Confidence is a Kuwaiti based consulting and training company that specializes in creativity, innovation and collaboration.


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