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Nearly 500 Egyptians go home

By Meshal Salama 

Evacuated Egyptians will be taken to university cities to spend the 14 day quarantine as precautionary  measures against coronavirus.

KUWAIT: Nearly 500 Egyptian amnesty seekers left on two evacuation flights operated by Egypt Air today. 

The first flight carried women and children, the second carried men – all of them residents who had availed of the general amnesty Kuwait offered illegal residents in April. 

Over the weekend, thousands of Egyptians housed in amnesty centers in Kabd and elsewhere rioted over being unable to return home. Security forces used tear gas to disperse the crowds and arrested organizers. Protestors were calling in their government to allow flights. 

Director General of Airport Security Maj. General Waleed Alsaleh supervised the departure process. 

Egyptian Ambassador Tareq Alqouni  said earlier that the evacuation will start this week and will continue in the coming days until all left. An estimated 5,600 Egyptian nationals availed of the amnesty. 

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